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Brooklyn Liquid Roofing Solutions For Residential & Commercial

The best way to get your roof in good condition is to use liquid roofing which when applied on your roof surface, it forms a rubber-like elastic membrane. The elastic membrane is a great material for waterproofing and can be used for both small and large buildings, as an efficient shield against water damage, humidity and more.

Our reputation precedes us when it comes to quality services and reliable solutions in the roofing industry. Our experienced technicians are always available to investigate and inspect your roof’s condition and will provide you with expert advice and guidance in case you need liquid roofing for your property’s roof. Our works –done by skilled craftsmen experienced in the trade who are diligent and leave no room for flaws nor hazard. Our standard for quality have earned us reputation across New York as one of the leading liquid roofing service providers.

At Verrazano roofing, our priority is to ensure that your liquid roof lasts you for a long time while providing the protection and comfort your home and family need. We are specialists in waterproofing systems keeping your building water-tight and protecting your roof with experience in commercial and residential roofing. Yet to decide which is best for you? Contact us now for a free consultation by mail or phone call.

How Does Our Liquid Roof Process Go?

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We handle all liquid roof repair services and respond swiftly to all customer’s enquiries as our experience and skills compliments our satisfactory customer service.

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Our estimators have the right knowledge and experience to inspect and assess the cost of every roofing service.

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