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Roof Inspection Service For Residential & Commercial In Brooklyn

There are different factors that contribute to the durability of a roof; type of material, age, tear and wear are all contributing factors which only experts can easily notice. As renovators experts in roofing, we know the exact signs to look out for on a failing roof including faults which if not repaired may lead to massive damage of roof and building. They are experienced roofing professionals who through roof inspections can detect small issues and repair them before they become complicated.

Why get your roof inspected?

When last was your roof inspected?
  • If over 10-50 years, an inspection is needed.
  • If roof is found to be in good condition, a clean bill of health will be given and if needing repairs, a free roof estimate will also be given.
  • Roof inspection saves money which could have been spent on repairs or replacement.
  • A roof estimate will be given for repairs to insurance agency if damage was caused by storm.
  • If you plan to sell the house or office premises, it’s important to inspect the roof before it goes to the market to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Choose Verrazano Roof Inspection And Roofing Services
  • Our well trained experts are versed in all types of roofing materials.
  • We work with every roof type like shingle roof, flat roof, slate, clay etc. and we’ve been serving our clients in the New York City area since 1993
  • We also repair other roof components like fascia, gutters, chimney, flashing as we know that for the roof to function well and be durable, other parts must be working well.

What do we inspect?

  • A professional inspection checks every part and aspect of the roof.
  • Roof is inspected for any damaged flashing and compromised shingles
  • The flat rubber membranes, parapet wall damages or rotted plywood decking will also be checked.
  • The roof perimeter, fascia, flashing and chimney will be checked including anything that may cause damage to the roof and building.
  • Call our certified roofing inspectors for your roof checks and free estimates.
  • After your roof inspections, get the experts at Verrazano Roofers to repair your roof.
  • We serve all five boroughs of NYC including Nassau County. Call today for a Free Estimates.

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