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Slate Roofing Expert Service Brooklyn NYC

For slate roofs which have been repaired and regularly well maintained, its life expectancy could be as high as 100-150 years leaving it more functional, fireproof and more aesthetically pleasing. Having garnered experience installing, repairing and maintaining all common types of roofs used in most types of habitats, be it commercial properties, apartment building or family homes, we have built a strong reputation of being a trustworthy and dependable roofing company in Brooklyn and throughout all five boroughs .

Slate Roof Installation & Repair Service

All our roof services- restoration, new installations, repairs are in adherence to the 1927 National Slate Association standards with our large inventory of new and re-used slates of tiles in different colors and sizes that makes it easier for us to match all repairs very closely to the original. We are leaders in European method -QWIK-SLATE installation apart from the local laid slate roofs.

Rely on us for all your slate roof repairs

At Verrazano, we understand and value the importance of your roof as we have installed and thousands of roofs and encountered pretty much most common roof issues and seen the impact of roof problems on both property owners and tenants lives. Rest also assured that we have all the prerequisite skills qualifying us for a perfect slate roof installation, reliable repairs or regular maintenance.

We have perfected the art and science of slate roof repairs while the local competitions is still struggling at learning the ropes. Several factors are considered before making a smart decision regarding installing slate roof, so make sure to contact a professional contractor.

Typical slate roofs repairs that we support
  • Repairs and replacement of flashing
  • Repairs of valleys
  • Repairs of improper face nailing and cement use.

Our Deals And Specials

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