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Waterproofing Service For Residential & Commercial Brooklyn

In conjunction with home restoration builders, home owners, commercial property owners, co-op and condo associations, we offer quality waterproofing services to residential and commercial buildings in New York City and surrounding communities. This protects and makes the building strong against different natural destructive forces.

The material used for waterproofing is known as Polyurea which is a liquid or spray coating that’s applied on flat roofs, garages, basements and tanks. It forms a monolithic waterproof coating over existing building materials affected by seepages, sun rays, rain etc. The effectiveness of polyuria has been studied, researched over 3 decades and improved upon by the manufacturers. They are also used on wet areas like concrete and steel surfaces. A major advantage is the ability to dry easily within 4-6 hours.

We Are Expert At Polyurea Waterproofing Roofs

It’s also used as protective coating for Spray Foam Roofs – you can contact us for a free inspection to know it’s suitable for your roof. Once applied, it seal off leaks around flashing, makes it durable, increases lifespan, withstand water-logging and reduce energy bills. When used on commercial roofs, it resists chemical fallout that could be on the roof’s surface as a result of possible manufacturing activities in the building or from a closer building. When non-fading ultra-violet colors like white are added to Polyurea, the ultra-violet rays are reflected to atmosphere to avoid heat being transferred to the building.

It can be sprayed onto diverse roof elements like metal, wood, concrete and foam as it is lightweight with the possibility of being used on old roofs saving money for property owner and reducing trash in garbage dump – so much trash already in New York.

Polyurea Waterproofing For Basements

When inspecting basement or cellars before waterproofing, it is important to look out for signs of water infiltration like musty smells, cracks in wall, dampness in wall and the last row of blocks which could be damp with efflorescence- an alkaline substance made up of salt and minerals from concrete exposed to constant moisture. The waterproofing will remove all insects and rodents as a result of dampness

For safety reasons, adding additives will make the floor slip resistant which is good for basement floors. Good mix and quality spread around the target surface enhances the effectiveness of the additives.

Waterproofing the basement makes it useful for storage as moist from houses usually comes up from the basement so contact Skyward Roofing for a free waterproofing estimate of your cellar or basement.

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